Handcrafted wooden knobs & face plates

Why Thingamaknobs?

Are you tired of looking at those old outdated metal knobs on your stereo equipment?

Do you ever receive a shock when you try to adjust those old metal knobs? 

Do you just want to do something in an effort to make your rig more appealing to your significant other?

 If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, then the answer is yes, you are indeed ready for Thingamaknobs!

Thingamaknobs have been produced by hand, one at a time in sunny California for almost 10 years. Your satisfaction as well as a one of a kind product is what you can expect when you purchase Thingamaknobs!

♦  Base price for all Thingamaknobs is $30,  but costs   differ depending on the materials used.


Injury may result from sticking Thingamaknobs in your eyes, nose or mouth. Do not swallow Thingamaknobs Please do not throw Thingamaknobs, you could hurt somebody.