Handcrafted wooden knobs & face plates

Welcome to Thingamaknobs!

 Thingamaknobs have been developed for audiophiles, music lovers and anyone who wants an alternative to those boring old knobs that came with their other-wise beautiful stereo equipment.

Many customers have reported audible sonic improvements when switching to Thingamaknobs from their original knobs. Others simply enjoy the aesthetic improvement to their gear.

Either way, once you twist a Thingamaknob, you'll never want to twist an ordinary knob again.







The wood for all Thingamaknobs is carefully hand selected and cut for their beautiful grains. They're all hand crafted to order, so all our knobs are unique. Thingamaknobs can be made from pretty much any wood available, with different inlays, bronze inserts and 1-4 set-screws (1 is generally more than enough as I use extra long screws for a better grip).  



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