Handcrafted wooden knobs & face plates



 "What I noticed, and it really surprised me, is that the knob made my piece of equipment sound better!" -Zachary CT 

 "They arrived today. I put them on and they look great!" -John IL

"I recieved the Knobs and they look great! Thank you for a great product." -Everett WA

"I got the face plate and knobs today. It all looks better than I imagined and I love the wood selection. It's as I envisioned... even better! Thanks for the quick and quality service. I appreciate your advice and communication. -Henry NC

"Absolutely gorgeous!!! You do some very fine work, and it turned out better than I even imagined. I'm going to be damned proud to have this in my collection! -Jim WA

"Knobs arrived today. Excellent packing. Look great, I installed them immediately. Went on without a hitch. No more shocks this winter! Thank you for crafting such a great looking product. I wish my equipment had more knobs for you to make." -Joe NJ.

"Thank you for your wonderful work on the maple knobs. It's a great example of craftsmanship and artistry that has complimented the Carina superbly." -George UK

"The Thingamaknobs arrived today and look fantastic. Thank you for the excellent service that you provide. -John CA.

"Beautiful, just as I'd hoped! I love all that grain your showing, I'm excited!" -Gordy DE.

"The knobs and end pieces are beautifully made, showing real craftmanship.They turned out terrific. Besides just looking good, the knobs are quite functional. How many of you fear touching your volume control in the static-y wintertime? Sometimes you can get a pretty good ZAAAAPPP through your system. A wooden knob cures that"
-Chuck CO.

"I got the knobs on saturday! Lovely..I love the brass weights...they give the knobs..a better feel!" -Bas ND.

"Yeah, they're here and they're on the amp. They do look very cool on the little ASL. Thanks again." -Jim PA.

"Thank you very much for the extra effort. They do look beautiful!" -Wayne CO.

"The craftsmanship of the finished thingaknobs is superb. The inlays came out even better than the portayed in the photos you sent. I'll certainly pass your info along to other folks looking to update the cosmetics of their gear. The quality of the product is only second to your generosity (seeing as you donated these sets to the A'Gon Tsunami benefit auction)." -Bradley IL.

"The knobs arrived today. They are perfect! Amazing work." -Paul CA.

"Knobs arrived in fantastic shape.  I can't say enough about how great they look.  (And, how great they were packed...  I think the PO could have driven a truck over the box and not damaged the knobs!!!)" -Ray CA.